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There are a wide range of Motor Home generators available from companies such as Dometic, Telair, MASE and Hyundai.
Each has it's merits although and there is little to choose between Telair and Dometic, very similar products and range, the primary difference being that Dometic fit Honda engines on their petrol generators and Telair Yamaha engines. In our opinion a Honda engine is preferable simply because access to parts is so better and almost any Honda dealer can provide them, Yamaha engines are not common in the UK and parts availability, if you need something quick is poor. Both Telair and Dometic use Hatz diesel engines.
Mase use Honda, Kubota and Yanmar engines and have a far more extensive range from 2 up to 20kVa.
Hyundai are the new kids on the block and don't really have a track record as such, they are cheaper but so are most "Chinese" manufactured generators, only time will tell if they stand up to the task.
For most people buying an onboard generator it is about convenience and comfort so saving money by buying cheap isn't always wise, there can be nothing worse than parking up and settling down for the day or evening and finding out the cheap generator you bought doesn't work and to make matters worse no one will fix it for you.
We offer a comprehensive range of machines to suit your specific needs.

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